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Posts from March 2019

Digging Deep During the Lenten Season

As we continue into the Lenten season, some of the scripture readings can be quite challenging. For example, Luke 13: 1-9, the passage that will form the basis of this Sunday’s message, clearly refers to fig trees that do not bear fruit being cut down, and thereby destroyed. This is a parable, and one way of reading it is to assume a…

Convicted Humility

This Sunday, March 17, I am planning a message based upon the Old Testament minor prophet Zephaniah, focusing upon Zephaniah 3: 8-12. This passage offers insight into the anger of God, but the anger is clearly followed by an image of people who are “humble and lowly”, who are able to seek refuge in the Lord of all creation. When we get…

Creating our Lenten Legacy

I hope you are entering into the Lenten season with a renewed focus upon growth as disciples of Christ. This Sunday, March 10, the scripture passage is Luke 4:1-13, and the message is entitled “You Can’t Play Just One Note.” We are excited to hear from Rev. John Gerth, the new executive director of Links of Hope, who will share a special…

Mountaintop Visions and Valley Realities

This coming Sunday, March 3, is Transfiguration Sunday on the church calendar. We will be taking a close look at Luke 9: 28-36, and the message is entitled “Mountaintop Visions and Valley Realities.” Jesus’ appearance changed on the mountain, and the encounter with Moses and Elijah seems to have brought joy to Peter and John and James. But the joy was short-lived,…