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Memorial Day Weekend: Recognizing Sacrifice

Memorial Day weekend is considered the beginning of summer. The pace of life slows down as the end of the school year approaches. On the Sunday of Memorial day weekend, most churches offer some way of recognizing those men and women who have given their lives in service to their country. Of course, we must never confuse patriotism with Christian discipleship. However, we can use the example of patriotic sacrifice to better understand what Jesus asks of all of us.

Frankly, the call to sacrifice for the sake of God’s kingdom is the most challenging aspect of the teachings of Jesus. Discipleship is not easy. Pursuing a life in which we work toward becoming more holy is impossible without the help of God’s Holy Spirit. My message Sunday will explore what it means to have complete freedom but to choose service and sacrifice over self-indulgence.

The scripture passage that forms the basis of Sunday’s message is Acts 16: 25-34. I encourage you to read the passage prior to worship, as personal Bible reading and reflection is critical to our growth as Christians. Sunday’s message is entitled “Paul and Silas and The Great Escape.” I appreciate your prayers for all of us who lead worship.

The combined service Sunday at 10 am is a great opportunity to invite friends. We just never know when an invitation to worship may be the pivotal event that changes the path of someone’s life.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
Pastor Steve Hart