Traditional – 8 and 11 AM
Contemporary – 9:30 AM and 5 PM “The Five”
65 Needle Boulevard
In the Heart of Merritt Island, FL

We have celebrated 50+ years and look ahead to the next 50!

Grace Preschool was founded in 1963 as a ministry of Grace United Methodist Church. We believe that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our lives and we uphold Him as the center of the educational experience at Grace Preschool. Our school strives to provide every child in the program with the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually to his/her full potential in an environment of love, learning and fun.

For more information, please contact us at 321-452-4484

About Our School

At Grace United Methodist Preschool, we provide extraordinary opportunities for children to play, learn and grow, which enable each child to grow and develop in a social setting. We encourage children to be active, confident and engaged learners as they explore their environment while they develop trusting and friendly relationships with adults and other children.

Young children learn most naturally through play. Play allows children to interact with the world at their level. Play facilitates a child’s ability to learn problem-solving skills, expands thinking and helps to develop language skills. Play with other children also provides a natural environment for children to learn social skills such as sharing, cooperation with others, waiting for a turn, listening to other ideas and using language to express thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Our low teacher-to-child ratio allows teachers to build nurturing and meaningful relationships with the children, which are the very heart of our program. Children thrive in our calm and joyful classrooms, which provide a balance of organized activities and the freedom to explore and discover the many activities available to them.

Our classrooms each follow a predictable but flexible routine, developed by the teachers and based in the needs of the children in the class. The schedule and routines evolve as the needs of the children change throughout the year. Each day includes a balance of age appropriate activities and free play. The curriculum is deeply rooted in activities that foster literacy skills, numeracy, age appropriate language skills and open-ended art activities.

Every aspect of our curriculum at Grace Preschool, including our classroom environments, the relationships teachers form with children and our routines are carefully crafted to be supportive of young children and their developmental needs. We are committed to providing warm, responsive and child-centered programs that provide children with opportunities to understand God’s love for them, to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, to express themselves creatively, to form lasting friendships and the problem solving skills needed to successfully navigate their world.

Grace Preschool Programs

We offer a variety of schedules and programs for children to attend Grace Preschool, including Voluntary Pre-K. Classroom placement decisions are based on the age of child, developmental level, class size, available space and overall class composition. Grace Preschool’s program is for children at least 2 years old on or before September 1. The VPK program extends through the age of four. Early drop and lunch bunch are offered every day for an additional fee.

Early drop-off is available from 7:30 – 8:45am each morning.
Lunch Bunch is available from 12 noon – 2:00pm.

Admission & Tuition

Families interested in Grace Preschool should contact the preschool or church office and make arrangements to visit the school. During your visit, you will be given a tour of the facility and an opportunity to hear about the school from one of our directors as well as ask any questions you may have.

Registration & Enrollment

There are a couple different ways to register your child at Grace Preschool. You may register your child during open enrollment which takes place in February for the following school year. If you miss the open enrollment window, you can call the preschool office and make an appointment to come in and take a tour of the facility and receive a registration packet. Registration forms are also available for download and can be found on the Policies and Forms page. New students may also enroll during the school year. Mid-year enrollment is dependent upon availability. A deposit is required to secure your child’s enrollment. (no deposit required for VPK program)


Tuition, is calculated on a 10 month basis (the months we are in school) and divided evenly over those 10 months. You pay the same amount every month no matter how many days you attend or are absent. Tuition is due on the first day of each month. If you need any further information on these policies, you can refer to the Student Handbook for an in-depth explanation or simply call the preschool office.