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How Much is God’s Kingdom Worth?

Many stories about hidden treasure focus not on the difficulty of finding the treasure but on our failure to recognize the treasure in front of us. Jesus’ parables about the value of the kingdom of heaven involve ordinary objects, like mustard seeds, yeast, and pearls. People experience miraculous life changes upon seeing ordinary things with new eyes. The kingdom of heaven is a way of seeing our daily life with the eyes of Christ. Experiencing Christ’s perspective pulls us out of our dull routines and into the epic adventure that Jesus had in mind when he said “follow me.”

Is your spiritual life too predictable? Do you long for a deeper experience of Jesus as the Christ? This Sunday, Feb. 24, the message will focus on Matthew 13: 44-45, two parables that illustrate the value of the kingdom of heaven. The message is entitled “How much is God’s Kingdom Worth to You?”

As always, I remind you to pray for all of us who play a role in leading worship. I know that I depend upon your prayers, and others do as well. Please also be in prayer for the Special General Conference of the United Methodist Church, meeting in St. Louis February 23-26. May God offer all of the delegates guidance and insight, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
Pastor Steve