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Posts from June 2021

The Voices of Women

As I prepare for my sermon this week, I am reminded of everything women have had to endure in order to be treated equally under the law. It was not that many years ago that women could not own property, would not be considered fit to raise their children if their marriage ended in divorce, could not go to college, could not…

Father’s Day & Our Heavenly Father

Wow! We had an awesome Vacation Bible School week. Our campus was filled with the laughter of children and the excitement of learning about Jesus. We are so grateful to all our volunteers. You were Amazing! No matter how big or small the job was you stepped up just like Isaiah and said: “Here I am!” What a blessing you were to…

VBS and the Cycle of Change

Wow! Monday is the first day of Vacation Bible School! We are so excited about hosting an in-person VBS this year. Niki has made lots of plans. We have a lot of wonderful volunteers and over 70 children who will be on campus learning about Jesus and how he loves them and how God is always there for them in all circumstances.…

The Privilege of Pastoral Ministry

As many of you are aware, I am currently spending time on renewal leave. This means that I am taking a few weeks away from my normal preaching and church leadership duties to study, reflect, plan, and relax as I ask for God’s Holy Spirit to recharge my batteries. I am very grateful that our United Methodist Church provides this opportunity for…