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Posts from November 2021

Awaiting The Already: Preparing For Home

We received some very positive comments after Sunday’s worship services. Thank you all so much for your willingness to embrace changes and for your continuing support of Grace UMC! It is obvious to me that the Holy Spirit is at work in this place, and this Thanksgiving my life at Grace UMC is on my list of blessings. Even on the toughest…

Belonging To The Truth

Over the years, I have often heard people quote John 14:6 where Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Usually, people use the quote to emphasize that Jesus’ teachings are unique and different from other faiths. What I rarely hear is how people connect the terms “way”,  “truth”…

Prayers, Returns, and Layaways

The date of today’s article is our 27th wedding anniversary. I remember November 12, 1994 clearly. It was a beautiful fall day in Atlanta. Colleen and I were surrounded by loving family and friends. The only aspect of the memory that brings me some sadness is the number of people who were present at our wedding who have since died. Yet I remain…

All Saints & Human Authority

Personally, I have loved seeing the parents and children on our campus this week as school has resumed. We have 108 children, ages 2 through 5, enrolled at Grace United Methodist Preschool this year. Ms. Patti does a great job in leading our preschool, and this is why our reputation in the community is excellent. Friends, I am so grateful that a…