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Posts from October 2020

Celebrating All Saints Day

This Sunday is November 1, and we will celebrate All Saints Day in worship. It is important to reflect upon the lives of all those who have entered heaven’s gates during the past year. They are saints not because they lived perfect lives, but because they trusted Christ and attempted to follow his teachings and his life example. As I think of…

Reformation Sunday

Dear Grace Family: This Sunday, October 25, is reformation Sunday on the church calendar. What I appreciate most about the Reformation is that the movement gave birth to the concept of the “priesthood of all believers.” This concept reminds us that all Christians are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gives us all both freedom and responsibility. We are free…

When God Repents

Dear Grace Family: Hopefully you all received word that our pumpkin delivery will be delayed, but we anticipate that the pumpkins will be here by the middle of next week. We look forward to the opportunity to bless the community with the tradition of the patch, and we ask everyone to follow all the safety rules so that we minimize COVID risks.…

World Communion Sunday

This coming Sunday, October 4, is recognized on our church calendar as “World Communion Sunday.” This is one of my favorite Sundays of the year. It began in 1936 in the Presbyterian Church and was adopted by what is now the National Council of Churches in 1940. As an article from Ministry Matters explains, “World Communion Sunday is a time for remembering…