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Posts from April 2019

A Post Easter “Thank You”

After this year’s Holy Week, all I can say is “Thank you”, again and again, to all of you who worked tirelessly to make the various events and services run smoothly. From our hard-working staff members, to all those involved in music ministry and technical support, to ushers and greeters and Stephen ministers and communion preparers and servers, I believe everyone’s efforts…

Easter 2019: Not Business As Usual

The scripture for Easter Sunday is Luke 24: 1-12. Of course, this is Luke’s version of the resurrection of Jesus. The two men (angels) who appeared in the tomb asked the women who were looking for Jesus, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” This one question is filled with meaning. When we celebrate Easter, we are celebrating life…

Join Us During Holy Week

Holy week begins on Palm Sunday and includes the entire week leading up to Easter. I have found that experiencing and participating in every aspect of Holy week strengthens my faith. From Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, to the very personal and intimate time with the disciples on Maundy Thursday, to the darkness and agony of Good Friday, we…

Travel Light: Worship Often

I know that many Christians question the importance of regular, consistent church attendance. Sometimes the rationale for this questioning is the idea that we can study scripture and worship anywhere, even at home or with friends. However, the importance of consistent engagement in the life of the local church is rooted in our need to be present for new people who enter…