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Posts from August 2020

Leap of Faith

We are fast approaching the first day of school and this year it has been fraught with turmoil as parents and teachers are worried about attending classes in person. I invite everyone to keep our schools, school administration, teachers, parents, and students in your prayers as we begin this year in a different way.¬†Some of our students will continue to do virtual…

Heart Exam, Diagnosis, and Cure

Dear Grace Family and Friends: As we approach the opening of our public schools for a new year, we will see more traffic and more people out of their homes. I pray that all of us can exercise extra patience and that we can express gratitude for each pleasant encounter. The isolation of the past few months has been difficult for many…

Getting Out of The Boat

Dear Grace Family and Friends: This has been a crazy week indeed! It started with a hurricane warning last weekend. We canceled in-person worship because of the warning. While there were no weather problems on Merritt Island, there was a car that hit a power source near the church, causing the church campus to lose power. The power was off from Monday…