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Heart Exam, Diagnosis, and Cure

Dear Grace Family and Friends: As we approach the opening of our public schools for a new year, we will see more traffic and more people out of their homes. I pray that all of us can exercise extra patience and that we can express gratitude for each pleasant encounter. The isolation of the past few months has been difficult for many people, and I know that anxiety still haunts our lives these days. God willing, we will start to see fewer people sick and more people taking precautions when in public. 

This Sunday, August 16, the scripture passages will be Genesis 45: 1-9 and Matthew 15: 10-20. The message is entitled “Heart Exam, Diagnosis, and Cure.” The passage from Genesis is a great illustration of what I think Jesus is teaching the disciples in the passage in Matthew.  Really seeing that connection may require that we read the story of Joseph and his brothers found in Genesis 40-50. I read that section of Genesis this week, and the epic story of Joseph and his brothers is truly one of the very best in all of scripture. Joseph’s story illustrates the meaning of keeping one’s heart pure.    

Please share the online Sunday service if you watch it on Facebook. Sharing it is such an easy and effective way to support Grace and let the community know what we can offer.  As always, the church staff and I covet and depend upon your prayers. Do not hesitate to contact the church office if you have a specific need or if you could use a listening ear and a prayer. God bless you! Pastor Steve Hart