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Not The Head But The Heart

Dear Grace Family:

In today’s world, we have access to more information than ever before in human history. We can do an online search and learn about anything through a google search. Yet our access to information does not necessarily help us to grow in our faith. Growing in faith is not about accumulating knowledge, but rather about having God transform our hearts in such a way that we recognize His Spirit at work. I must confess that when I attended seminary, I thought that as I accumulated more knowledge about God, I would become more spiritually mature. Now I realize that spiritual maturity is a matter of the heart, not the head. I know God is real not because I can prove it, or because I have knowledge about God. I know God is real because my heart recognizes His Spirit at work.    

Episcopal priest Heidi Haverkamp explained it this way, “Jesus does not ask his disciples to know or explain much. He asks them to do things, mostly very slow-moving things: to listen, to pray, to see, to love, to follow, and to serve the people around them. He leaves them (and us) with teachings and parables that do not give much in the way of clear answers but are more like spiritual puzzles or invitations to start thinking and talking together.” So if you sometimes become obsessed with having “all the information”, remember that Jesus asks for trust more than knowledge. 

You do not want to miss church this Sunday, April 7. Rev. Alex Shanks is preaching at Grace at both services. Many of you remember Alex from his years growing up in our area, and his mother Lynn Shanks was active at Grace until she moved to Tennessee in 2016.  Alex will share a sermon based upon Matthew 28: 16-20. His message title is “As You Go . . .” Alex has served as Assistant to the Bishop here in our Florida Conference for over ten years, and his knowledge of our denomination is extraordinary. He is also an excellent preacher and speaker and we are blessed to have him with us this week. 

I look forward to seeing you all Sunday! Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for Grace UMC. We depend upon your prayers!

Steve Hart