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Posts from July 2023

The Good and Bad of It: Joseph

Every week at Grace, near the end of our worship services, we celebrate holy communion. Recently, I read an article about how we approach holy communion in light of Paul’s admonition from 1 Corinthians to “let a person examine himself.” The meaning of this line, in context, is not to examine whether we are morally worthy to receive the gift of holy…

The Good and Bad of It: Abraham

Recently, I read an article about waiting. We all get plenty of practice waiting, whether in traffic, at the doctor’s office, in the grocery or gas line, or in a variety of other situations. Yet most of us hate waiting. While waiting, we may get anxious and try to make things happen in our time rather than in God’s time. We tend…

The Good and Bad of It: Tower of Babel

Recently, I have been reflecting upon how distracting it is to focus on events of the past and plans for the future. Personally, regrets from the past and ambitions for the future both make it difficult to focus upon my present life circumstances. Yet when I fully embrace life moment by moment, I am able to trust that the Holy Spirit is…