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Posts from September 2020

By What Authority

Dear Grace Family: I had the privilege of a little time away this past weekend,  and I am so grateful for our great worship team doing excellent work in my absence. But I am not surprised, because they do excellent work every week. We are blessed with some great talent here at Grace, and I thank God for each one. From Pastor…

Love and Fear

Hello Grace Family! I am so grateful to all of you as you continue to volunteer around the church in support of the many mission and ministries of Grace. You are truly building bridges between Christ and our community in so many ways. This past week saw several new beginnings. MOPS had their first meeting on campus since mid-March and seeing all…

Guidance from the Front and From Behind

Dear Grace Family: I really appreciate the fact that so many of you have returned your pledge cards for 2021. It is a wonderful thing to have a significant amount of funds pledged to help us plan the budget for the coming year.  If you have not yet turned in your 2021 pledge card, please do so by September 27, 2020. While…

An Open and Shut Case

Dear Grace Family: As we approach Labor Day weekend, it is my prayer that we all make the effort to stay connected with our friends and family. Many people who normally travel on holiday weekends may not do so this year, but there are still ways to be social by phone or letter or the various forms of electronic communication. Loneliness and…