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An Open and Shut Case

Dear Grace Family: As we approach Labor Day weekend, it is my prayer that we all make the effort to stay connected with our friends and family. Many people who normally travel on holiday weekends may not do so this year, but there are still ways to be social by phone or letter or the various forms of electronic communication. Loneliness and isolation are very real mental health challenges, and we can all help those who are lonely with a simple note, text, or phone call.  

One way to stay engaged is to get involved in our worship here at Grace. As I mentioned in my Facebook post this week, we are seeking your answers to the question “What does Jesus mean to you, personally?” and “Tell us about a time in your life when you experienced the presence of Jesus most clearly.” You can send me an email telling your story, or, if you are willing, I would be happy to come to your home and videotape your statement which we can share in our virtual and in-person services.  It just needs to be a brief (3 minutes) and sincere statement. 

We are asking for your stories because a personal testimony of an encounter with Christ is more powerful than the most well-crafted, theologically sound sermon. Personal testimonies reveal how God has changed our hearts, and not just our intellectual understanding. 

This Sunday, September 6, the scripture passages are Romans 13:8-14 and Matthew 18:15-20. The message is entitled “An Open and Shut Case.” Please read the scripture passages before Sunday and pray for our church and community. We will also offer communion at the virtual and in-person services, so have your bread and juice or water ready. 

Finally, please share our online service on Facebook, Youtube, and the church website. In a virtual world, our opportunities to share the gospel are not limited by distance or time. 
God bless you this week! Pastor Steve Hart