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Posts from March 2023

Sharing The Dream

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Recently, a set of circumstances required me to reflect upon the last 33 years of my life. Initially, I was not eager to complete this exercise, as I viewed it as unnecessary busywork. However, as I remembered events and people from the past, a deep sense of gratitude welled up within me. I realized, after looking back at…

Self-Denial – Part Of The Dream

Recently, a Grace member shared with me a writing about the purpose of Lent. The word Lent comes from the same root word as “length.” We are being “lengthened”, or stretched, into the full stature of Christ through our disciplines. The writer states, “What Lent is really about is opening ourselves to someone else, about stretching ourselves, so that we can receive…

Staying With The Dream

When you hear the phrase “Amazing Grace”, what comes to mind? Is it the lyrics of the hymn, or is it a personal experience from your life? When in your life do you specifically remember experiencing God’s Grace, and how did you feel as a result? I ask this question because the answer may inspire us to live into God’s calling in…