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Sharing The Dream

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Recently, a set of circumstances required me to reflect upon the last 33 years of my life. Initially, I was not eager to complete this exercise, as I viewed it as unnecessary busywork. However, as I remembered events and people from the past, a deep sense of gratitude welled up within me. I realized, after looking back at events from years ago, that God has blessed me beyond my most hopeful dreams. Some of those blessings came at a time when I was living a life faithful to Christ. But some blessings came in spite of my lack of obedience and faithfulness. God is faithful even when we are not!

In the midst of these thoughts, I read an article about baptism entitled “The Testimony of Water.” In the article, Martin Luther was quoted as saying, “Although you only receive the sacrament of baptism once, you are continually baptized anew.” What an inspiring reminder! Regardless of our mistakes, our sinfulness, and our struggles, the Holy Spirit continually offers us new life in Jesus Christ. We are redeemed into a positive, hopeful future! 

Tomorrow is the first annual Grace UMC Classic Car Show! Please come out and support this event. Just by showing up and offering a smile and hospitality to those who attend, you will demonstrate that our campus is a warm and welcoming place. You are likely to have fun in the process! 

Our scripture passage for Sunday is Mark 6: 7-13. I am working on a message entitled “Sharing the Dream”, which is a continuation of Pastor Gary’s recent sermon series on following God’s calling in our lives. Most of us have experienced some anxiety about sharing our faith. Sunday’s message will take a close look at this topic. As always, we who lead worship depend upon your prayers and we welcome your feedback. As I like to say, if you love our worship experiences, tell others. If you have concerns, tell me! 

I look forward to seeing you Sunday for worship! 

Steve Hart