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The Legacy Of Women

Recently, in my daily Bible reading, I read Eugene’s Peterson’s comments on Titus 2: 1-6. Peterson explained that in order to build Christian community, “we need a few souls in whom love is gently at work, covering a multitude of sins.” I see that in so many of you, and for that I am grateful. To me, love being “gently at work” shows forth with patience, good listening skills, compassion and empathy. I don’t always exhibit all these traits, but I sure admire them when I see others exhibit them. Love is contagious! 

Our car show last Saturday was such a great outreach to the community! Watching people visit and enjoy interacting reminded me that there are many lonely people who need opportunities to meet people. We provide those opportunities with a variety of on- campus events. The next major event on our campus is our annual Easter egg hunt scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, April 2. It is important that we welcome families and support our ministry to children. I know many of you plan to help Ms. Niki in preparing for this event, and I am grateful for that. 

This Sunday we have two scripture readings forming the basis of the message. They are Mark 8: 14-21 and Mark 7: 24-30. Pastor Beth will be sharing a message entitled “The Legacy of Women.” I look forward to hearing this message, and it is very timely as we honor women’s history month. 

We are moving forward toward another Holy Week. As our pastors and staff prepare music, messages, and various aspects of worship, pray for us. Specifically, pray that we are focusing on the Holy Spirit’s leadership rather than any task orientation or “to do list” mentality. I know how easy it can be to mistakenly let completing a task overtake the underlying purpose of the work, which is to glorify God. We depend upon your prayers! 

I look forward to seeing you Sunday for worship!

Steve Hart