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Staying With The Dream

When you hear the phrase “Amazing Grace”, what comes to mind? Is it the lyrics of the hymn, or is it a personal experience from your life? When in your life do you specifically remember experiencing God’s Grace, and how did you feel as a result? I ask this question because the answer may inspire us to live into God’s calling in our lives, even if we have been distracted from it previously. 

For me, the experience of Amazing Grace offers freedom, and I remember a time earlier in my life when my worldview changed because I was willing to trust the promises of God in my walk through life. I felt a sense of joy and adventure not limited by fear of the unknown. It is my prayer that this Lenten season, as we engage in study on our theme of Amazing Grace, we all may experience that same joy and sense of adventure. 

Your generosity resulted in Mike Ferger’s ability to send 225 pounds of food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies to our sister church in Cuba! The congregation in Cuba is so grateful because many of these items are simply not available in Cuba. Mike is in regular contact with the new pastor of our sister church, and Mike tells me how exciting it is to hear the new pastor’s enthusiasm and gratitude. Thank you Grace UMC! 

The first annual St. Patrick’s Day classic car show will be on the Grace campus on March 18. The team organizing this event could use help setting up on March 17 and during the event March 18. Helping with an annual event like this is a fun and easy way to stay connected to our outreach to the community. Remember our vision at Grace is “building bridges between Christ and our community.” Contact Debby Kroll if you can be available to welcome people and provide hospitality. 

This Sunday, March 5, the scripture reading is Mark 1: 35-39. Pastor Gary will offer the second message in his current series. The message title is “Staying With The Dream”, and it follows up on last week’s message about how we honor God’s calling in our lives. Staying with it can be a challenge, and perseverance is required. Most importantly, an ongoing life of prayer is necessary. 

As we continue in our Lenten journey, I hope to see you in worship Sunday. Our weekly worship provides the fuel we need to live as faithful disciples. Don’t miss it! 

Steve Hart