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Celebrating All Saints Day

This Sunday is November 1, and we will celebrate All Saints Day in worship. It is important to reflect upon the lives of all those who have entered heaven’s gates during the past year. They are saints not because they lived perfect lives, but because they trusted Christ and attempted to follow his teachings and his life example. As I think of people I loved who are now in heaven, I am encouraged by the memory of the relationships they had with me and with other people. The good memories make me want to strive to be a better person as a way to honor their memory. I hope that you can cherish the good memories of your loved-ones.

Our scripture passages for Sunday are Revelation 7: 1-9 and Matthew 5: 1-12. The message title is “Needy, Hungry, and Blessed.” You will notice that the Matthew passage is what we know as the beatitudes. As you read this passage, I invite you to think about why Jesus started the sermon on the mount with these verses. The verses offer an alternative way of understanding when and how we become “blessed.” What does it mean to say that we are blessed when we are mourning? It certainly seems counter-intuitive. But it also offers hope even when we are struggling.

Our pumpkin patch has done really well this year. Colleen has done an excellent job overseeing it, and we are grateful to everyone who has volunteered. It makes my day to see people on our campus taking pictures and enjoying family time in the patch.

Please remember to share our online service with your friends on Facebook, and to invite people to worship with us online or in-person. Our staff and church leadership teams are planning for life at Grace in 2021, and we need your prayers, ideas, and comments for how we can best serve the Merritt Island community. Pastor Beth and I are interested in your comments and ideas, so just call or email us as you feel led.

May God’s love surround you and your family each day! Pastor Steve Hart