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Reformation Sunday

Dear Grace Family:

This Sunday, October 25, is reformation Sunday on the church calendar. What I appreciate most about the Reformation is that the movement gave birth to the concept of the “priesthood of all believers.” This concept reminds us that all Christians are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gives us all both freedom and responsibility. We are free to intercede in prayer directly to God with the same standing as those who are ordained priests or pastors. We have a responsibility to live our lives always mindful that we represent Jesus Christ in all that we say and do.

We will highlight our youth as part of this week’s service. I challenge all of our members to learn the names of our active youth at Grace, to pray for them and their families regularly, and to greet them when we see them on campus. We cannot support each other in discipleship if we do not know names and some things about each other. We are called to take an interest in each other’s lives in an intergenerational manner.

The scripture passages for Sunday are Psalm 27:13 and Matthew 22:34-40. The message is titled “Seeing the Goodness” based upon Psalm 27:13. I will be sharing this message with our youth director, Matt Gleason.

Thank you all for the ways you support God’s work on Merritt Island through Grace. We depend upon your prayers, and we welcome your ideas. Remember, we recognize the priesthood of all believers, which gives us great freedom and great responsibility.

God bless you, Pastor Steve Hart