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Delightfully Afraid

Dear Grace Community: We continue each day to be aware of our need for the peace that can only come from God’s Holy Spirit. This week has been challenging for our community with the county trying to set plans to reopen the schools amid continuing spikes in covid cases. 

This Sunday, July 19, my message will be based upon Genesis 28: 10-22 and the message is entitled “Delightfully Afraid.” When Jacob had the dream of the angels ascending and descending the ladder from heaven, he was fleeing for his life, on the run from his brother Esau. Yet it was only after he had the dream that we hear about Jacob’s fear. What is it about an encounter with God that elicits fear? Is fear always a bad thing, or can it be a good thing that can lead us to safety and a new life? Tune in to our service Sunday at 11am on the church website or on Facebook. For those who feel safe, we are still offering the in-person service Sunday at 11am in the sanctuary. However, we encourage all who may be in an at-risk category to stay home. 

I appreciate those of you who have called or emailed with questions and suggestions regarding our life together. Ministry is always a team effort, and I need your involvement. I remain grateful to our staff and so many active and faithful members. May God continue to challenge and bless you this week. We are all “works in progress.”  Pastor Steve Hart