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Digging Deep During the Lenten Season

As we continue into the Lenten season, some of the scripture readings can be quite challenging. For example, Luke 13: 1-9, the passage that will form the basis of this Sunday’s message, clearly refers to fig trees that do not bear fruit being cut down, and thereby destroyed. This is a parable, and one way of reading it is to assume a “produce or perish” mentality.

However, like all parables, this one may be approached from a variety of angles, and there is good news to be found. The gardener in the parable exhibits patience and the willingness to support the growth of the tree through digging near the roots and providing fertilizer. Our growth as Christians requires that we “dig deep” and that we accept the “fertilizer” that is necessary for growth. This “fertilizer” includes hardship and suffering.

What makes the Christian gospel truly good news is that it offers hope in the face of acknowledged hardship. Come to worship this Sunday and learn more as we explore Luke 13: 1-9.

As always, I covet your prayers for our worship and I ask that you invite a friend to church this week. Remember those name tags as a way to promote conversation and relationships!

It is my honor to serve as your pastor. See you Sunday!

Pastor Steve Hart