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Hard Choices

Dear Grace Family: What a week! With the election, the ongoing stresses related to Covid, and the routine challenges associated with daily life, many of us feel overwhelmed. I have found that during such times, I really need to stop at various points throughout my day and remind myself that I need help from God and from other people. God uses short pauses to guide me in knowing when to keep my mouth shut and to listen when I am tempted to say things that I might later regret. Perhaps I should substitute the phrase “take a breath” with “pause and pray.” (The alliteration is better!)

I must brag about my wife a bit. Despite some skepticism about whether Grace should have a pumpkin patch this year, Colleen was determined. As a result of her hard work, and the hard work of many of you, the patch sold a record number of pumpkins this year. Total sales were $32,732.13. When you take our 40% profit and add additional generous donations, the patch will net $15,592.85. Half of that will go to our boy scout troop and the other half to the church. Church council will decide what ministry will get the other $7,796.42.  Personally, I witnessed how the patch blessed many families in our community. 

This Sunday, November 8, our scripture passages are Psalm 78:1-7 and Joshua 24: 14-25. The message is entitled “Hard Choices.” Please read the passages in advance and pray for all of us who lead worship. 

If you regularly listen to our Sunday messages, I have a request of you. Please let me or Pastor Beth know what you would like to hear more about in messages. Is there a topic on which you would like to hear a series? Thank you for your faithfulness, today and always. Pastor Steve Hart