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Merry Christmas

Dear Grace Family:  This is my last Gracevine article for 2020! Despite the challenges of this year, with God’s help we will end the year on a good note. I look forward to the Christmas musical entitled “Gloria” this Sunday, December 20 at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm. Please spread the word about this event and invite friends to attend in-person or online. I have observed the hard work of everyone involved in our music department over the past couple of months, and it is impressive! 

On Christmas Eve, we have many options. There will be an outdoor service at 3pm, and a 7 pm service in the sanctuary. We will also offer online Christmas Eve services at 7pm and 11pm. Please sign up through the links shared here if you plan to attend either of our in-person Christmas Eve services. Sign up for 3 PM Outdoor. Space is more limited indoors due to masks and social distancing requirements. Sign up for 7 PM Indoor.

Our Christmas Eve scripture readings are Isaiah 9: 2-6 and John 1: 1-5 and Luke 2:1-14. The message for Christmas Eve is entitled “The Light of The World.” Light and darkness are both themes that scripture explores in the both the Old and New Testaments. How do you associate the birth of Jesus with the image of light? How does your understanding of Jesus as savior of the world include the contrast of light and darkness? How will a perspective of the light of Christ leading you into 2021 give you hope and encouragement? These are good questions for all of us to ponder.  Please remember that our in-person service on December 27 will begin at 10am instead of 11am. That time is for December 27 only.  

I appreciate your prayers and support. We have a wonderful staff and many faithful members here at Grace. While I do not know what God has in store for us in 2021, I am encouraged as I remember the words of my senior pastor in my first appointment 13 years ago. He would always say that “God offers only the best for those who leave the choice to Him.” I love this quote because it is a reminder to us that God knows what we need better than we do. May we have the faith and courage to trust Him more in 2021. 
God bless you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Pastor Steve