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Standing Amazed

Holy Week is always a busy time at Grace, and one of the challenges for many of us is to pause and pay attention to the spiritual significance of each part of the journey. Thursday evening’s service will Include a special time for prayer and anointing. Pastor Beth, Pastor Gary, and I will be offering time for individual prayer and anointing immediately following holy communion. Perhaps you have a special prayer need that you want to place at the center of your prayer life. This is the opportunity for that. It is not that we pastors have a magical prayer power, but that sharing a special prayer in a very intentional manner offers a significant faith boost. I hope you will consider this invitation. 

I will offer a message on Thursday evening based upon John 13: 31-38 entitled “Mandatory: Not Optional.” Jesus gave the most challenging commandment to his disciples during the Last Supper. What sounds like a warm and inviting commandment is by far the toughest. How can we live into the commandment? This is the question I will explore. 

Our Good Friday service will include a variety of speakers, all focusing upon Jesus’ words from the cross. This is always among the most meaningful worship services of the year.

If you have time Saturday morning, come out to the Grace campus and support our children’s ministry during the Easter egg hunt. Greeting new people, offering assistance, and just offering a supportive presence is real ministry. Do not underestimate what God may do through your efforts. 

I am working on an Easter message entitled “Standing Amazed” based upon Luke 24:1-12. Many people who do not worship any other time of the year choose to worship on Easter Sunday. Therefore, we can all pray for new people to experience the peace and love of God on Easter and we can look forward to welcoming new people! 

I think we all look forward to the special music from our excellent music department this week. Palm Sunday was great, and I am sure our services this week will offer more excellent worship through music. 

I look forward to seeing you for our services Thursday and Friday, and to celebrating Easter with you this Sunday! 

Steve Hart