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Where Do We Go When Broken?

I hope you all enjoyed our worship last Sunday as much as I did! It was extra special to welcome our confirmands and new members and to share the good news about paying down our mortgage. We look forward to a mortgage burning party within the next few months. If you are able to finish any legacy commitments, that would be great! 

Friends, Pastor Beth and I both enjoy attending the Five on Sundays, and if you have never attended, I encourage you to check it out. It is a great opportunity to discuss the ideas shared in each Sunday’s message, enjoy music, and get to know new people in a casual setting. Lilly Hibbard, our ministry candidate, does a great job. Come check it out Sunday! 

This Sunday, May 15, we will recognize our graduates and I will continue the series Pastor Gary started last week. This week’s message is based upon Luke 24:13-18 and is entitled “Where Do We Go When Broken?” The scripture is the story of the walk to Emmaus and is one of my favorites. 

I challenge everyone to continue the practice of inviting people to worship. As I have said before, people are very often hungry for genuine human connection, and an open invitation to worship helps meet that need. We are all the hands and feet of Christ on earth! 

I look forward to seeing you Sunday! 

Steve Hart