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Back to School Blessings & More on God’s Calling

It is back-to-school time again! Teachers are already back at work preparing for the new school year, and students start back in Brevard County on Monday, August 12. We will take time in all our worship services Sunday to pray for all our teachers, administrators, students, and parents as we start the new year.

Our Grace United Methodist Preschool also starts back on Monday, so we will pray for Ms. Patti and all our preschool teachers, children and parents. The Space Coast Christian Coop home-school group has resumed their classes on our campus, so Grace will be an even busier campus in the days ahead. Please be extra careful when driving into the parking lots during the week, as there will be children coming and going every day.

We will continue to explore the concept of God’s calling in Sunday’s message. This week, my message is entitled “Mary Magdalene’s Abiding Faith”, and we will look closely at Luke 8: 1-3 and John 20: 17-18. We can learn a great deal about being a faithful apostle by studying the example of Mary Magdalene. I encourage you to read the scriptures prior to worship, and ask God to give you new insights about your own life.

Finally, friends, if you are blessed by coming to worship, share that blessing by inviting friends who do not have a church home. Take the time to learn the names of new people, even if it means having to ask them more than once. Most people really appreciate our taking the time to learn about them.

Thanks for your prayers for me and all of our worship leaders. We depend upon your prayers.

Pastor Steve Hart