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Responding to God’s Call in Our Lives

I am very grateful to Pastor Beth and all the staff at Grace for their good work that allowed me and my family to enjoy an excellent vacation this year. It is so good to leave for vacation knowing that the church is filled with committed, competent leaders.

This Sunday, August 4, the scripture passages for worship will be Colossians 3: 1-4 and 1 Samuel 3: 1-9. I will be preaching on what it means to be “called” by God to specific acts of ministry. The message draws upon the book entitled “Called-Hearing and Responding to God’s Voice” by Pastor Susan Robb. We will be referencing the ideas in this book for several messages over the next few weeks. In this Sunday’s message, I will focus on the prophet Samuel.

Responding to God’s calling in our lives is challenging, sometimes scary, and always rewarding. I continue to be amazed at how God challenges me as I grow and wrestle with my faith. I pray that the same is true for you.

When you come to worship this Sunday, make it a point to talk to someone new. Sit in a different pew than usual, and ask God to offer new insights into your calling for this season of your life. Perhaps God is also nudging you to invite a friend or neighbor to church. Follow that nudging and see what happens!

I look forward to seeing you Sunday, and I would appreciate your prayers. I depend upon them.

Pastor Steve Hart