Services at 9 & 11 AM in the Sanctuary & Available Online
The Five: Sundays at 5 PM in the Fellowship Hall
65 Needle Boulevard
In the Heart of Merritt Island, FL

Called to Ministry: The Five & Stephen’s Ministers

One of the most significant privileges for pastors and congregations is to affirm and encourage men and women who feel called into ministry. Did you know that we have someone who is exploring a ministry calling? Lilly Hibbard, who currently leads The Five every Sunday, is an exploring candidate for ordained ministry.

If you have never attended The Five, come check it out! We worship and share life together outdoors in a very casual manner each Sunday at 5 PM. Bring a lawn chair and take the time to support Lilly. This is a great opportunity for families with young children, as childcare is available every week. Spread the word!

Grace also has a wonderful Stephen Ministry team, and I believe that there are many people in our congregation and community who could benefit from this ministry. You can reach out to me or Pastor Beth and we can connect you with one of our trained Stephen Ministers. Your meetings can be by phone or in-person, and you do not need to wait until you are in a crisis to find a Stephen Minister. Perhaps you are just lonely and need a regular conversation partner. That is a great reason, and our Stephen Ministry team is here to help!

Sunday’s worship includes readings from Acts 4: 5-12 and John 10:11-18. I am working on a message entitled “Shepherd Voice Recognition.” Jesus says that his own sheep will know him, and he will know them. How do we identify his voice and distinguish it from other voices in our lives? Pray for me as I prepare the message on this challenging and important topic.

I hope to see you in person or online Sunday. Thanks for your ongoing support of your church and community!

Pastor Steve Hart