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God’s Hand at Work

Sometimes, when life is going well for me, I wish that I could store my sense of gratitude and save it for days when things are not going well. On the good days, I see how Jesus is alive in my life and in the world around me, offering me a sense of confidence that the Holy Spirit can use even my mistakes to create beautiful things. Remembering this truth is critical to persevering through tough times.

This week, I was reminded of God’s hand at work here at Grace. I have been concerned about finding the right person to serve as the Grace administrative assistant upon Pat Harrison’s retirement. I am pleased to share that Tracey Beatovich, a long-time and faithful member of Grace, has accepted our offer to serve in the position effective June 1, 2021. Tracey is an Air Force veteran and a recently retired teacher at Merritt Island High School. I know that she will be a great addition to our staff, and we look forward to welcoming her.

This Sunday is the third Sunday of the Easter season. The scriptures for Sunday are 1 John 3: 1-7 and Luke 24: 36b-48. I am preparing a message entitled “Hold On For Dear Life.” After the resurrection, Jesus at first told Mary Magdalene not to hold on to him, but to go and tell the disciples. Yet in the passage from Luke, Jesus tells the disciples to touch him, and the words used indicate that he wants them to grasp that he is alive and real. He is not merely a ghost or a spirit. Sometimes our understanding of Jesus can be so spiritual and transcendent that we fail to grasp his power. Pray for me as I prepare the message on the power of Jesus as a living being, and why we must “hold on for dear life.”

The weeks after Easter leading into summer can be a time for lower church attendance. Please make every effort for that not to be the case this year. We have many people who are fully vaccinated, and this church is actively serving the community. Even as I write this, I am observing parents dropping off children at our preschool while our food pantry is distributing great food for people in need. Thank you for continuing to support Grace with your presence, your prayers, and your financial gifts.

See you Sunday! Pastor Steve Hart