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It Takes a Village to Celebrate Holy Week

What a wonderful Holy Week we had here at Grace! It was great because we had a variety of different people sharing their gifts and experiences. For example, we had Heather and Sami Mason, Chris and Evie Tompkins, and Mike Ferger sharing their reflections as part of the Maundy Thursday service. We had wonderful musical selections from Tom Black and Nick Barth, Lilly Hibbard and Gretchecn McGaffic. We had prerecorded music from our choir and praise team members. One of the great qualities of Grace United Methodist Church is the diverse group of gifted people who worship and serve here!

For many Christians, the week after Easter is a letdown. The wonderful spirit of life that comes from celebrating the risen Christ dissipates as we return to our daily chores. Church leaders are often tired after a busy Holy Week, and there may be a palpable lack of energy.

However, we can celebrate the miracle of Easter every day. The early Christians knew that by sharing their possessions and trusting the Holy Spirit to work in their community, they could allow the world to see the risen Christ through them. Just read Acts chapter 4 to see how this unfolded.

Sunday’s message is based upon John 20:19-29. We will hear Bishop Carter’s post-Easter message, and I will introduce that message with my thoughts on the passage, entitled “Unless I See……..” Our need for evidence of God’s presence is understandable, and we can view this need as a motivating force. I hope you will join us online or in person to learn more.

Thank you for your faithful support of our ministries here at Grace. As always, I encourage you to share your love for this church community with others. This is not just my request, but Jesus’ direction for all of us. He calls us to share the gospel always and everywhere.

See you Sunday! Pastor Steve Hart