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Discerning God’s Will – Getting Unstuck

Recently, I read an article entitled “Reclaiming the E Word.” The “E” word is evangelism, and for many Christians the word conjures images of aggressive efforts to convert non-believers. The author offered a new perspective on the word. She says, “What if we share the Good News with a view to discerning how God is alive in all people and all things? What if we enter into evangelism not with the arrogant assumption that we are bringing God anywhere but with the awed realization that God is already out ahead of us, beyond us, in us, and between us?”

I love this approach. Really, what she says is consistent with our faith, and it offers hope in even the most difficult circumstances. Most importantly, it begins with an emphasis upon humility, which is in short supply in our world. 

Last Sunday, we were able to get an overview of the many service opportunities at Grace. One of those, the Country Store, is coming up February 10 and 11. Plan now to help set up at 6pm on the 10th and to serve on February 11 at 8:30am. This ministry occurs only four times a year, and it really meets a need in this community. 

This Sunday, February 5, the scripture passage is Acts 11: 1-3. Pastor Gary is preparing a message entitled “Discerning God’s Will-Getting Unstuck.” I imagine all of us struggle from time to time with discerning God’s will. Come to worship Sunday to get a fresh perspective on the topic. 

Remember that I began this Gracevine with a reference to the “E” word. How can we all remind ourselves and others that “God is alive in all people and in all things”? We are the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. May we discern His will and then go do it in as many ways as possible.

See you Sunday!

Steve Hart