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Honoring Those Lost in Service to Our Nation

Memorial Day is upon us and I imagine we will all find some time to spend with family and friends celebrating this three-day weekend. Especially now that some of the Covid restrictions are being lifted. But this weekend is also a time that has been set aside to honor all the service men and women who have died fighting for the freedoms we all enjoy. They gave everything in protection of our freedoms, so we can have a BBQ if we want.

So, as you enjoy your weekend, I hope you will also find time to reflect on what Memorial Day means to you and offer a prayer for all the families who have lost sons and daughters to war. If you are interested, after the church services on Sunday, I will offer a brief time for reflection at noon in our Memorial Garden.

Niki continues to prepare for VBS. We are still looking for volunteers and we are excited about the children who are already signed up. If you would like to help sponsor a child, you can pick a name off the prayer tree either in the sanctuary entrance or in the reception area. The cost to sponsor a child is 10.00 as well as taking some time to pray for the name on the tag you choose. Your donation can be dropped off at the church office or if you send it in electronically or via check make sure to mark your donation for VBS. We can hardly wait to host children for an in-person VBS! And if you have any questions, or want to volunteer, please call the church office at 321-452-2420.

This Sunday is also a fifth Sunday. Which means it is Children’s Home Sunday. We will collect an offering for our children’s home to help them as they meet the needs of the children who come to them from difficult family circumstances and give them a safe place to live. You can make your donation on Sunday by dropping it in the basket by the sound booth. Or you can send it electronically or by check, just make sure you mark the offering is for the children’s home.

Finally, I have been so excited to hear all the different speakers we have had bring us the message these past four Sunday’s and I look forward to hearing what the speakers lined up in June will preach about. This Sunday, I get the privilege of preaching and I will use Isaiah 6:1 – 8 as my text. As Lilly preached this past Sunday what it looks like to be an intentional Christian, I plan on speaking about the perspective and posture we need to accept as we live out the call God places on our hearts.

I hope you will keep me and the entire worship team in your prayers as we plan and prepare for Sunday’s worship time together. We are so grateful for them. Don’t forget since this is Memorial Day weekend, the church office is closed Monday.

Peace, Pastor Beth