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Mindfully Preparing for Summer

It seems almost impossible that we are coming to the close of the month of May and summertime will be here with all the fun and good times summer offers. This year we will be able to travel, attend camps, have social gatherings, cookouts, and many other activities we were not able to do last summer.

We are coming into the time where we will find our new normal. Things may not be exactly as they once were but in time, they will be better…at least that is my prayer.

I find I am wrestling through what I want to bring back into my life and what I want to leave in my pre-Covid days. Some days it feels as if I am looking at the bottom of a lake that has been drained and seeing what needs to be hauled out. So, I wonder, what is it that we want? Do we really want all the busy days? Do we want all the stress? What do we want life to look like? What do we need to work on? What are the things we need to own? What am I responsible for in my life and relationships? What needs to be hauled out?

I hope for all of us we choose what helps us to be whole. I hope we choose to be mindful of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Because in order to be whole, we need to tend to all three.

This past week we celebrated all our graduates and now we are looking forward to all Niki will be doing with our children as she prepares for Vacation Bible School. If you can help in any way, please give Niki a call as let her know you are available to help.

We are also excited about the CDC announcement that for those who are fully vaccinated, masks are no longer required. The CDC has caught up with the science of this virus. Our campus will now be mask optional. We will offer a designated space during services where people who are still uncomfortable not wearing their masks can sit and we do still ask that we maintain social distances whether you are vaccinated or not.

This week I am excited to let you know our pastoral intern, Lilly Hibbard will be preaching at our Sunday services. I hope you come out to hear her message on Pentecost, and Pentecost is the day we celebrate the coming of God’s Holy Spirit. It is so awesome we are able to support Lilly in her call into ministry. You were so nurturing to me as I went through seminary. I know you will be a blessing as you offer the same nurturing atmosphere to Lilly.

At Grace we try to offer various ways you can support missions around the world. Because this month is a fifth Sunday month, on May 30th we will take an offering for our Children’s home. Our UMC Children’s Home is a great ministry of our conference and they rely on the support all the churches within our conference give as they help offer children a safe place to grow up. I hope you will consider supporting them in all they do in the lives of the children who come to them for the love and support they need to thrive.

Please continue to pray for your church staff. We are grateful for your prayers. And I hope you are joining me at 2:47 PM each day to pray for our entire community and how we as a church can be a blessing and a positive influence.

Peace, Pastor Beth Burton