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In God’s Image

Dear Grace Family:

I am currently reading Adam Hamilton’s latest book, entitled “Wrestling With Doubt, Finding Faith.” Many of you know that I consider Adam Hamilton’s writing very consistent with my personal theology, and I appreciate his ability to simplify complex ideas.

In his current book, Hamilton writes, “Christian Faith does not see God as a human-like being. It sees humans as in some way God-like beings, created in the image of God. To be created in the image of God, I believe, means that we are created with the capacity to love, to reason, to sustain and care for one another and our planet.” This perspective helps me remember that everything that is good in my life is a gift from God whose very identity is love. So even our ability to love is a result of our being made in the image of God!

This Sunday, February 4, the scripture passages are Genesis 3: 16 and Ephesians 5: 21-22. Pastor Beth is working on a message entitled “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” If you read these passages, you will see that Pastor Beth has chosen challenging scriptures, and I look forward to the message that God puts on her heart. I have had people ask me about these passages many times over the years.

If you are reading this on Friday afternoon, you still have time to stop by the Grace Fellowship Hall at 6pm to help set up for Country Store. There are several of you who serve dutifully in this ministry. However, I know that Tim Cordes is always pleased to see new volunteers. Tim has led this ministry for years, and I am grateful for how this outreach serves people in need.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Sunday in worship!

Steve Hart