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Being Connected

Dear Grace Family:

I have mentioned before that I enjoy the daily devotional writings of Fr. Richard Rohr. Recently, he wrote the following: “Having faith doesn’t have to do with being perfect. It has to do with staying in relationship, hanging in there, holding on to union as tightly as God holds on to us. It’s not a matter of being correct but of being connected.”

It is a great relief to know that we do not need to have all the answers to life’s questions in order to remain faithful. Rather, we just need to stay in relationship with Christ through prayer and Christian relationships. For everything that we do in life, we are called to partner with the Holy Spirit in our efforts. We are never alone!

The scripture passages for Sunday are Matthew 20: 20-21;24, Luke 22:24, and John 13:1-7; 12-17; 34. Pastor Gary will offer the third message in his current series, and the message is entitled “The New Year: How to Put Yourself to Work-Serving.” Do you have extra time during your week? Have you considered ways that you could use the time to serve others? Come to worship Sunday and learn about opportunities to serve.

I was out of town last week, but I look forward to being back at Grace this Sunday. I look forward to seeing you in worship, and I challenge you to invite a friend. Thanks for your faithfulness to your church family!

Steve Hart