One Service at 11 AM in the Sanctuary & Available Online Until Further Notice
65 Needle Boulevard
In the Heart of Merritt Island, FL

Limping to Glory

Dear Grace Family: As we end the month of July, I pray for our school personnel, parents and students who are preparing for a new school year. It will be different from previous years because of the pandemic, and I know there is a great deal of anxiety. May our words and actions serve as a source of comfort for those who are struggling. 

Because Sunday is the first Sunday in August, we will offer holy communion at our online service and at the in-person service. If you plan to watch the service online, remember to have bread and water or juice ready at home so that you can participate. Communion is an important tangible reminder of the ongoing presence of God’s grace in our lives. 

The scripture passages for Sunday are Genesis 32: 22-31 and Matthew 14: 13-21. The message is entitled “Limping to Glory” and we will look closely at Jacob’s wrestling with God and Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand. Both passages emphasize the struggle, mystery, and glory of persevering faith. I think we all need this persevering faith, especially now.  As always, I encourage you to stay in touch with the church via email or phone. May God continue to bless you as we all live one day at a time.  Pastor Steve Hart