Online Due to COVID-19 Emergency Until Further Notice
65 Needle Boulevard
In the Heart of Merritt Island, FL

Palm Sunday

Dear Grace Family:

In 1966, Robert Kennedy delivered a speech in which he quoted a curse which says, “May he live in interesting times.” Kennedy went on to say that while life then was interesting and dangerous and uncertain, it was also the most creative of any time in history. Times of crisis call upon all of us to be creative in the ways we manage the challenges we face. Here at Grace, I have seen the determination and compassionate action of so many of you who are working through this time of worldwide crisis to serve this community.  Many thanks to all of you who “drove by” this week and dropped by tithes and donated to the food pantry. We served approximately sixty people over a three hour period at the pantry, and we were very careful to enforce social distancing guidelines.

We begin holy week this Sunday with Palm Sunday. This will be unlike any previous Palm Sunday because we will worship online.  But our staff and worship leaders have already demonstrated over the past three weeks that we can use creativity to adapt to our current reality. While our online worship is still a work in progress, I am so grateful for everyone who has supported the effort.  We will worship via Facebook live Sunday at 11am. Our scripture readings for Sunday will be Psalm 150 and Matthew 21:1-11. Jesus comes into Jerusalem in what is referred to as a “Triumphal Entry.” There is some irony in this reference, as Jesus’ triumph is achieved by first embracing defeat and even death. But we know that death would not have the final word, thank God! 

While I have read and studied the events of holy week many times, I get new insights every time I encounter these events. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit ministers to all of us this coming week, especially during the crisis of this pandemic. I hope you will join us via Facebook live Sunday at 11am. You can also view the service live on our website, where it will also be posted.
God bless you! Pastor Steve