One Service at 11 AM in the Sanctuary & Available Online Until Further Notice
65 Needle Boulevard
In the Heart of Merritt Island, FL

Sacrifice, Fear, and Provision

Dear Grace Family: Thank you all for your compliance with our procedures for in-person worship and for the use of the church facilities. Everything has gone well so far. I hope that those of you who are in any high-risk category will continue to worship online at home, particularly as we see spikes in covid-19 cases in Florida. For those who choose to come to worship in person, we will continue to require masks and social distancing. For now, we will continue to offer one in-person service Sunday at 11am, and we will offer the online service at the same time. 

For those who drop by the church during the week, I know that you may wish to use the small parking lot for brief periods of time. Please use the parking space that used to be the pastor’s parking space for your short drop-off visits. I now park in the large parking lot regularly, so the space near the church to the far left is available. We created so many handicapped spaces because we heard a need from the congregation for more handicapped parking. We appreciate your cooperation. 

This Sunday,  the scripture passages  will be Psalm 13 and Genesis 22: 1-14. This is the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac. The message will be entitled “Sacrifice, Fear, and Provision.” The Genesis passage is one of the most challenging in all of scripture, but I feel led to ask how the call to sacrifice and to be courageous applies to our life in 21st century America. I appreciate your ongoing prayers for God’s church, God’s community, and this world that God loves. 

I am so grateful to reach a milestone here at Grace. This week I will complete a full five years as a pastor at Grace. Thank you for this privilege. May God bless you this week and always. Pastor Steve Hart