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What a FOOL!

Dear Grace Community: A few years ago I had a friend who led a praise band called “Fools for Christ.” With that band title, my friend was able to remind people that part of the joy and freedom of Christian discipleship is that we never have to take ourselves too seriously. I have been reflecting on this idea in preparation for the message this week.  As Christians, part of our witness to the world is that Jesus allows us to live joyful lives in which we let go of our need to be important, highly-regarded, or even right all the time. What a gift!

The scripture upon which I am basing Sunday’s message is 1 Corinthians 2: 1-12. In these verses, Paul reminds us of how we can get in the way of God’s teaching when we attribute our understanding to human wisdom and reason instead of Godly guidance. No amount of knowledge and human brilliance will draw us close to God in Christ without the work of the Holy Spirit. In order for the Spirit to change us, we must let go of our pride and be willing to look foolish so that, as Paul puts it, God is glorified in our weakness. 
We are all Christ’s ambassadors to the world. Would the people whom you know say that you are fun to be around because of your trust in Christ? Do you consider coming to worship a fun and joyful experience? I hope you can answer “yes” to both of these questions.

As always, I appreciate and depend upon your prayers. I look forward to seeing you in worship Sunday, where we can all celebrate being “fools for Christ.”  – Pastor Steve