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The Five: Sundays at 5 PM Outdoors at Grace
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Burdens, Blessings, and Bridges!

Dear Grace Community:
I have been thinking about bridges lately. As you know, our vision statement at Grace is “Building bridges between Christ and our community.” I think it is a very dynamic, exciting vision statement. It emphasizes the outward focus of our ministry, so that we avoid thinking of ourselves as a social club that just cares for its members. As we work through relationships and service to build bridges, we need to remind each other of the purpose of our bridge building.  We build bridges so that people can grow into deeply committed, engaged followers of Jesus Christ. We build bridges so that the Holy Spirit may work within us, both individually and collectively, to create heaven on earth. This is more than wishful thinking. It is our way of taking God’s promises seriously. 

This Sunday, I will share a message based upon Matthew 5: 1-12, the beatitudes. The beatitudes are Jesus’ guide to the dispositions of the heart that are necessary for us to live as his faithful followers. The message is entitled “Burdens, Blessings, and Bridges.”  Friends, we each have the opportunity every week to build bridges by inviting others to worship at Grace. We also serve as bridge builders when we pray for our community, and when we pray specifically that God will use this church to further His mission. Personally, I not only appreciate your prayers, I depend upon them! I look forward to seeing you Sunday! – Pastor Steve