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Holiness: What It Is And Why It Matters

Hurricane season is upon us, and I am grateful that Florida did not see the level of destruction that some folks feared that Idalia would bring. Reflecting on the process of preparing for a storm, I see several encouraging faith lessons. First, changing events can and do require that we adjust our plans. Secondly, the ability to pivot and adjust with minimal anxiety is a wonderful attribute. Finally, an uncertain weather forecast reminds us to express gratitude for a status quo that is typically predictable.

This Labor Day weekend, it is my prayer that you can reflect on the value and meaning in your daily work. We can all complain about aspects of our lives, including our work. However, God does offer glimpses of heaven even in the most mundane chores, if only we can pay attention and look for that which is good. Seeing the world as filled with hope is not a Pollyanna notion. Rather, our identity as followers of Jesus is rooted in a hope that nothing will ever destroy!

This Sunday, September 3, the scripture passages are Psalm 96:9 and Exodus 3: 1-6. I am working on a message entitled “Holiness: What It Is And Why It Matters.” I have really enjoyed taking the time to study Moses’ encounter with God at Mt. Horeb and to consider what this teaches us about God’s holiness. I hope you will pray that the message I offer is Inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, and not by me!

I pray that your holiday weekend includes enough “God-winks” to keep you hopeful and enough challenges to keep you focused on Christ. I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Steve Hart