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How To Handle The Truth

I am writing this Gracevine early, during Memorial Day weekend, because Colleen and I will be on a Florida Conference UMC-sponsored trip to England from May 30-June 8. Called the Wesley Fellowship study, this trip was made possible by a generous endowment given by Bernie and LaVonn Simpkins. The goal is to help pastors become more knowledgeable about the life and faith of John and Charles Wesley and the history of Methodism. We are grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to sharing what we learn with all of you. 

When we return from our trip, the annual conference of the Florida UMC happens in Lakeland starting June 9. This is the first time since 2019 that we have had this event in person, and for this we are grateful! God willing, people will stay healthy as we gather. 

The scripture passages for June 12 are Romans 5: 1-5 and John 16: 12-15. I will be working on a message entitled “How To Handle The Truth,” based upon Jesus’ promise to the disciples that he had much more to tell them, “but you cannot bear it now.” As our group learns about the life of John Wesley on our trip, I plan to reflect upon how Jesus revealed truth to Wesley throughout his life. The revelation of Christ involves a lifelong journey, discovering truth. How do we process it well? Please pray for safe travel for our group. I truly appreciate your prayers. 

This summer, I encourage you to embrace a few concrete, short-term goals. What will you do between now the next school year, which begins August 10, to maintain your physical, psychological, and spiritual health? I love short-term goals because the sense of accomplishment is a payoff that happens quickly. Personally, I get momentum from such payoffs. I hope you do as well. 

I look forward to seeing you and worshiping together on Sunday, June 12! 

Steve Hart