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Labor Day Weekend

Here we are at the beginning of another Labor Day weekend. I recently learned that Labor Day has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1894. An article I read stated that during the late 1800s, “ the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks in order to eke out a basic living.” Personally, I am grateful that we set aside a day to recognize and honor all workers and the dignity associated with hard work. I cannot imagine living in a society without any laws on fair labor practices. 

This weekend is also recognized as the “unofficial end of summer.” The pace of life tends to increase between now and year’s end. While this is not a bad thing, it creates a new challenge for us all in having patience with each other amidst hectic schedules. I pray that we are all able to live each day as a precious gift, and that we minimize our fears and worries about the future. As Jesus said best, each day has enough worries of its own. 

This Sunday, September 4, the scripture passage is 1 Corinthians 12: 1 & 7. Pastor Gary will be sharing a message on “Stewardship-Spiritual Gifts.” This will kick off our stewardship preaching series and I think we will all expand our understanding of stewardship as involving so much more than finances. We are all stewards of God’s gifts of time and talents. 

Finally, I have been pleased to see our in-person worship attendance continue to grow steadily. This past Sunday, we had 117 at 9am and 81 at 11am. Thanks for your prayers and support of our worship, and please remember to welcome new people each week. Hospitality is a ministry for everyone!

See you Sunday! 

Steve Hart