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To Forgive or Not To Forgive – That Is The Question

Have you ever heard the adage that we usually find what we are looking for? I think this applies to how we see the people in our lives. If we think most people are dangerous and not worthy of our trust, we may experience danger on a regular basis. If we offer people a spirit of openness and trust until they prove us wrong, we may experience the good side of many people. Yes, we will sometimes be disappointed. But I think the risk is worth it, especially when Christ walks with us. God’s perfect love casts out fear. 

Once every year, usually in the fall, all United Methodist Churches host a charge conference to elect church leadership, review priorities, and to approve pastoral salaries. This year, Grace will host our charge conference this Sunday, October 23, starting at 3pm in the sanctuary, and we will host the Cocoa Beach UMC charge conference starting at 4:30pm. 

Charge conferences are typically routine church business meetings. However, this year our District Superintendent, Rev. Dionne Hammond, will be present to update us on life in the United Methodist Church and to offer us a vision for the future for our district and our conference. As faithful members of the United Methodist Church, we need to stay informed about life in the larger church. This conference is a great opportunity to meet our district superintendent and to stay connected. You are invited to attend this Sunday! 

This Sunday morning, our scripture passages are Matthew 18:15-17 and Matthew 18:21-27. Pastor Gary will offer the third message in his series on relationships, and this message is entitled “Relationships: To Forgive or Not To Forgive – That is the Question.” This topic is so very important in all human relationships. Forgiveness is necessary and very difficult. I hope you will be present in worship to hear this timely message. 

Thank you all for sharing your life journeys with me as one of your pastors. I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Steve Hart