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Sharing God’s Love with New People

Are you ready for fall? Even though we do not experience much seasonal change in weather, the activity level at the church is a sure sign that we are approaching autumn. This Saturday, September 14, we are working on setting up the pumpkin patch. Come out and join us as we prepare. We start at 8:30 am.

This Sunday, September 15, I will be sharing a message based upon Luke 15: 1-10. This passage includes the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. Do we Christians have a true passion for sharing the love of God with new people? If so, would anyone observing us be able to see that passion through our words and actions? Answering these questions honestly is a challenge to most of us, as I suspect that we all become so comfortable with the status quo that we do not reach out to new people enough.

I ask that you do three things this week. First, pray for the message, the music, and all aspects of worship. Secondly, plan to attend worship at one of our services. Thirdly, invite someone new to church. You might consider inviting someone who does not normally attend church to come to The Five at 5 PM each Sunday in the Grace Fellowship Hall, as there is dinner and a very casual environment for those unfamiliar with church.

Thanks for your faithfulness!
See you Sunday! Pastor Steve Hart