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A Challenging Parable

Most of us would prefer it if the ethical, moral, and spiritual questions we face were easy to understand with clear, black and white answers. Unfortunately, the world in which we live is often filled with ethical dilemmas and challenges that involve uncertainty and more gray areas than we would prefer. Doing what is right is not always easy, nor is it always obvious.

In Sunday’s message, I will be looking at one of the most difficult parables that Jesus taught. The parable is from Luke 16: 1-13, and it is known as the parable of the dishonest manager. Read it this week before worship, and pray about its meaning for us. Frankly, I struggle to understand and apply it. Like all of Jesus’ parables, there are unexpected twists that engage us and sometimes confound us. I take comfort in the fact that, just like real life, the parables offer us complexity and keep us striving to follow Christ faithfully.

As you approach the weekend, think about the reasons that you come to worship. Hopefully you are renewed and encouraged as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit. Share that enthusiasm with someone you know, and invite that person to worship with us.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday! Pastor Steve